Log a Google notification to Salesforce

How can I log email notification from google docs to Salesforce records?

I have a google form which when filled sends an email notification with a PDF to a few designated email addresses – I would like to have the email notification logged in SalesForce to the appropriate user when the notification is sent. Is this possible?

Go to My Settings | Email | My Email to Salesforce and you’ll see 2 important areas:

  1. Your Email-to-Salesforce address
  2. My acceptable email addresses

Now copy the email-to-Salesforce address and add that to the Google doc notification list of recipients.  This ensures that Salesforce will attempt to store a copy of the notification email.

In order to do that, you have to list the notification email’s sender to the ‘my acceptable email addresses’.  When you currently receive that notification email, copy that sender email and paste it into the area under 2.


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