What is CRM?

Here’s how I would describe CRM to people of varying ages. It helps to present the answer in terms the appropriate age group understands.

<4 years old: Don’t bother

4-6 years old: “<Parent> goes to work and works with other people. CRM helps <Parent> remember what <Parent> said to other people and what <Parent> needs to do for the day.”

7-12 years old: “You [kid] have a bunch of friends. You want to know when their birthdays are, so that you can surprise them. You want to know who sent you a birthday card, so you can thank them. You want to know what you’re doing next week, so you can plan. How do you do that? You take a notebook or use some post-it notes, write down these pieces of information and arrange them on your pin-board, so that you remember. CRM is a notebook that people at work use to track such information about other companies/places of work, and the people working there”.

13+ years old: “Companies track which customers and/or companies they do business with. They track what customers ordered, they track when you might have an anniversary (birthday, wedding anniversary), so that they can send that customer a birthday email or remind them to reorder something. CRM helps companies appear more knowledgeable and caring about their customer base.

Also, since a customer might deal with different departments in the same company (accounting, billing, customer service, orders), CRM ensures all departments have access to the same information. For example, if a customer is overdue on paying a bill, then an order rep, with that knowledge, might hesitate on fulfilling a new order for this customer.”

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